What is NST File Extension?


NST file extension is not different from Outlook Personal Storage files. It stores data in a similar manner like Outlook Personal Storage. The extension allows users to access Lotus Notes account through MS Outlook. In the IBM Notes account, an NST file can be uploaded to access it offline. In fact, these files are automatically generated in MS Outlook. It stores emails, messages, contacts and much more.


It comes under the binary data file category.

Supportive Apps

All NST files support Outlook 2013 and the latest versions.


It is Microsoft behind the development of NST.

MIME Types

It is one MIME type- application/vnd.outlook-notes


The location of NST is depended on the type of Windows versions you are using.

In Windows XP, the location of the Extension is-

C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\LocalSettings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\

In Windows 7, 8 and 10, the location of the file extension is-


How to open or view NST File Extension

Since NST is automatically generated in MS Outlook, it has no direct way to open. NST files are like personal storage files. If you want to open easily without data corruption, a third app can be helpful.