What is ODT File Extension?


ODT stands for Open Document Text which is a word processing file used by Apache's OpenOffice Writer. There is no difference in the file format and DOC/DOCX of MS Word, but ODT is an XML-Based Open Source document. It is doesn't need a license. Users can run the open source format on OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

ODT files are created in OpenOffice and StarOffice. The file extension supports MS Word 2010 and 2013. LibreOffice also supports ODT file extension. The file format is compatible with KWord, AbiWord, and NeoOffice. Users can import the file format data to Google Docs and Google's web-based word processor.


The tool comes under the category of document files.


Sun Microsystems had earlier developed the format and later it was developed by OASIS.

Supportive Apps

It supports many apps of Windows, Mac, and Unix.

Users using Windows can open and create ODT in OpenOffice Writer, AbiWord, Sun Microsystems Writer and MS Word with OpenXML for Office

Under MAC it supports OpenOffice.org writer, AbiSource AbiWord, and NeoOffice Writer

Under Unix, it supports OpenOffice.org writer, KOffice KWord, AbiWord and Sun Microsystems Writer

MIME Types

It has more than one MIME types.

  • application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text
  • application/x-vnd.oasis.opendocument.text

How to open or view ODT File Extension

There are varieties of tools that support ODT including Open Office, MS Office and LibreOffice. With the help of a free tool the ODT files can be accessed.