What is MDB File Extension?


MDB stands for Microsoft Access Database File. It is a Microsoft Access app. It is denoted an MS database. The file format holds data structure with entries. The MDB file format is capable to run and open on MS Access versions which are prior to 2007.


It is related to Relational Databases category.

Supportive Apps

The file format only supports Access.


The developer of the file format is none other than MS Corporation.

MIME Types

It has many MIME types.

  • application/mdb
  • application/x-msaccess
  • application/msaccess
  • application/vnd.msaccess
  • zz-application/zz-winassoc-mdb
  • application/vnd.ms-access
  • application/x-mdb


Hex: 00 01 00 00 53 74 61 6E 64 61 72 64 20 4A 65 74 20 44 42 00

File Location

The location of the file format is decided by users.

How to view the MDB File Extension

The file format can be viewed by only MS Access. Now, there are some free and paid versions that allow you to view the file format.