What is JPG File Extension?


JPEG or JPG, both terms are connected to each other. It is one of the most widely used file formats to store digital images. JPG is one of the trustable file extensions to stores high-quality digital pictures. Make sure do not compress the images stored in JPG because it can affect the resolution of these images. JPG files' data is stored in binary format.


It falls in the Graphics and Raster image category.


The developer of the JPG file extension is Joint Photographic Experts Group.

Supported apps

It is flexible to support all apps that can access images and graphics. Users can access JPG files on CorelDraw app also.

MIME Types

It is divided into two categories-

Image Type-

  • image/jpg
  • image/jpeg
  • image/jp
  • image/pipeg
  • image/pjpeg
  • image/vnd.swiftview-jpeg
  • image/x-xbitmap

For Application-

  • application/jpg
  • application/x-jpg

Supported File Format

It supports the binary format of two types-

JPG/jFIF which is used on the web.

JPG/Exif which is used on image capturing devices


It has the Hexadecimal signature- FF D8 FF


As per the apps and devices, it is stored in many locations.

How to access JPG File Extension

It is accessed by default image program in the system as wells access a JPG image on any image viewer apps.