What is JNLP File Extension?


Java Network Launching Protocol stands for JNLP which is primarily used to launch and manage Java apps on the web. The prime element of the extension is XML. It is also used widely for stand-alone apps. Users cannot operate the file extension on the network, but the configuration of the extension allows users to access these files to the system. It runs as a Java program.

The file holds herf that indicates the location of the file. If you are looking for syntax and more content, it holds specs, codebase, and application version. It also holds menus, shortcuts and much more.


JNLP fall in the Web files category.

Supported Apps

It gives support to Oracle Java Web Start and any Text Editors.


Orcle is the company that has developed the file extension.



How to access JNLP File Extension

Use any popular text editor like Atom and Notepad++ to access the information of the file extension.