What is PSD File Extension?


PSD file format is supported by many applications including Adobe Photoshop. It is a modified version including several features like layers, filters, and graphics to get attractive images. The PSD gives the flexibility to modify text, fonts, documents and image structure. Its format is based on Pixel, Graphics, and Binary.


It falls in the category of Raster image files or pixel based.

Supportive Apps

PSD is supported by various apps running on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

For Windows, users can run the format on Corel Draw and Adobe products.

For Mac, it supports all Adobe products.

For Linux, it supports the GIMP app.

For Android, it supports Adobe Photoshop.


The developer of PSD file format is one and only Adobe.


Hexadecimal Signature: 38 42 50 53 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

ASCII Signature: 8BPS


The default location of PSD is the same that where the app is stored. Users can define the location of PSD.

How to open or view PSD File Extension

A PSD file format is flexible to open with all apps that support the format. There are some tools that give permission to make a modification like Adobe Photoshop CC, Elements and Illustrator.

Some free and paid tools are also available to bring modification in the PSD.