What is PPT File Extension?


PPT is one of the most widely popular formats which is used by MS PowerPoint to save its data like text, slides, animations, images, graphs etc. It holds whole data efficiently. PPT is used by professionals and students to store their presentation work.


The format is under data files.

Supportive Apps

It is only supported by MS PowerPoint.


Earlier, Microsoft takes care of PPT and later in 2008, PPT is available for free to install.

MIME Types

It has one MIME type- application/vnd.ms-powerpoint


D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1 (hex value)

OS Support

Both Mac & Windows of all versions are supported by PPT.

How to open or view PPT File Extension

It supports MS PowerPoint. In case, PowerPoint is not installed, you can view such files using other supportive apps like LibreOffice.