What is LNK File Extension?


LNK files are shortcut files which are related to Windows. It is an acronym for LINK. It is used as a reference to an original file, holding basic info like size, location and the type of file. It also contains the software that helps to open the targeted file. It is easy to access LNK files. Just right click on the file that you want to access and then from the drop-down menu, select "Create Shortcut." In the Windows, LNK files show a curled arrow instead of its extension. Double click on the shortcut file to view LNK files.


It falls in the category of System Files.

Supportive Apps

MS Windows


The tech giant MS Corporation takes care of the file extension.

MIME Types


File Format

The format of LNK is binary.


Windows XP

It is located in different locations in different Windows OS.

  • \Documents and Settings\UserName\Recent and
  • \Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\Recent

Windows Vista

  • \Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft \Windows\Recent and
  • \Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Office\Recent

How to access LNK File Extension

Users can easily access LNK files on any version of MS Windows.