What is LDIF File Extension?


Lightweight Directory Interchange is best known as LDIF file format which is a plain-text file extension that stores LDAP data in form of records and LDAP requests like Modify, Add, Rename and Delete. LDAP is a software protocol helping users to identify the location of devices, files and much more on TCP/IP network.

It has many tools.

LDIFDE helps to import and export data in Active Directory.

OpenLDAP helps to import and export data from the LDAP server to LDIF and vice versa.

JXplorer is an open source which is also known as LDAP browser, allowing users to edit LDIF files.

Different LDIF files are

Distinguished Name (dn)- name of the entry in the directory

Organizational Unit (OU)- OU= Lawyer, OU= Judge

Common Name (cn)- it is associated with the name of the person, his job and much more.


The app is identified as Text files.

Supportive Apps

Mozilla Thunderbird

OpenOffice.org Base

MS Office

How to view LDIF File Extension

They are flexible files to open with MS Office, Mozilla Thunderbird and much more. There are free and paid third-party tools to access LDIF files.