What is TBB File Extension?


The file format was originated by RITLABS. It is related to The Bat Email Hives. It is not a new kind of format but the name is given unusual. The BAT Mail program supports the file extension and the app supports Windows of all versions.


It is an email database file format.

Supportive Apps

Bat Mail of any version is supported by the extension.


RitLabs is the developer of the extension.

MIME Types

It supports only one MIME type- application/octet-stream


20 06 79 19 08 0C 00 00

How to open or view TBB File Extension

The best way to open a TBB file is to simply double-click it and let the default associated application open the file.

Users can also open the file format using this third party tool -

  • BAT Viewer
  • Aid4Mail
  • Bat TBB Viewer