What is WDSEML File Extension?


WDSEML stands for Windows Desktop Search Email. It is a file created by Mozilla Thunderbird which is a free and open source emailing program developed by Mozilla Foundation. WDSEML is a partial copy of a message in the mail folder and enables Windows search to find the specific content in the emails.

How much you know about WDSEML file extension?

WDSEML is a Thunderbird Searchable Email file. It is used by Windows Search Integration. The file format contains email message information saved in .mozmsgs subdirectory. Thunderbird is an email client that comes in multiple languages and work for multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux)


It belongs to the Data files category.


Mozilla Thunderbird




 WDSEML aliases

WDSEML related extensions:

.eml - Microsoft Outlook Express E-mail

.tha – Thunderbird MoreFunctionsForAddressBook Add-on data

.thm - Thunderbird MoreFunctionsForAddressBook Mailing Lists Data

.mozeml – Thunderbird Spotlight Searchable Email

.s – Thunderbird Saved Passwords Data

How to open or view WDSEML File Extension

You need a suitable software like Thunderbird from Mozilla Foundation to open a WDSEML file. Without proper software, you will not be able to open this file and you get a message “How do you want to open this file?’’ If you cannot open your WDSEML file correctly, try to right-click or long-press the file. Then, click “open with” and choose an application.