What is PNG File Extension?


PNG aka Portable Network Graphics is one of the most widely used file extension to save raster graphics files. It is an open source which is an ideal alternative to GIF. PNG images are lightweight, easy to transfer, load and share. PNG is an open source for getting compressed images.


It falls under the category of lossless bitmap image file format. Users can recognize PNG files with its extension .png.

Supportive Apps

It supports a number of apps.

It supports almost all major browsers including Safari, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Many image editors are supported by the extension including CorelDRAW, Flash, Corel Graphics Editor, PPT and FreeHand.

It supports image converters like Xenomorph, Web Designer's Toolkit and WebGraphics Optimizer  etc.

It also supports 3D Apps, Entertainment, Games, Office and Business Applications.


W3C group has taken the responsibility of PNG.

Supported Image Formats

It supports

Full colour non-palette-based RGB

grayscale images

24-bit RGB colour coding

It doesn't support non-RGB format.

How to open or view PNG File Extension

It is easy to view PNG files. Any free image viewing tool can open PNG files.