What is HDMP File Extension?


It stands for Head Dump File. The file extension is an acronym for Windows Head Dump file. It is generated in Windows XP/Vista and an uncompression version. The Windows XP or Vista creates HDMP files when a program gets an error or is crashed. The file extension is created to analyse or investigate the cause that is responsible for the crash of an app.


It falls in the category of System files.

Supportive Apps

The file extension support MS Visual Studio 2013 on Windows.


It is Microsoft organization takes care of the extension.


The signature of the app is 4D 44 4D 50 93 A7.

How to open the HDMP File Extension

Text editors can access HDMP files. It can be accessed by MS Visual Studio for Windows as well as Notepad++.  Many other tools can also open the file extension.