What is DRMZ File Extension?


The file extension has been launched by Drumlin Publisher with an aim to protect PDF files. With Drumlin Publisher application, users can swiftly transfer PDFs to DRMZ file extension. It is capable to make PDF files more secure by adding extra security layers with proprietary encryption or encoding system. A PDF file encoded from its header and then enclosed in DRMZ.

Note: A DRMZ file is equal to a DRMX file to a great extension. The prime difference is their compatibility with other devices.

A DRMZ file holds multiple features including the start and end date of the document, expiry date of the document, enable/disable printing, clipboard and screen capture. For an optimum level of protection, it also contains locking with passwords.  Custom touch can be given with watermark. It can be set while printing and on screen. The watermark feature gives the advanced level of protection to DRMZ files. It is well suitable for offices.  It makes PDFs more secure. Users can share their PDFs data more securely.


It falls in the category of Adobe PDF file.

How to Open

Before opening a DRMZ file, users have to provide the 9 digit authorization code. It is generated during the publishing time.

Since the code is stored on the server, it is necessary to run the internet.

In case, users have protected DRMZ file with a special password, it is mandatory to provide the correct pasword while opening a DRMZ file.

Supported Devices

Both iPad and Android support the file format.

Supported Apps

  • Drumlin Security Drumlin PDF Reader and Publisher
  • Drumlin Security Javelin PDF Reader


It is Drumlin Security Ltd that has developed the app.



File Signature

Hexadecimal: 7B 44 52 4D 50 44 4B 7D


How to View or Open the DRMZ File Extension

Javelin PDF Reader
Drumlin PDF Reader
These two readers can help you read the file format.