What is CSV File Extension?


CSV which means Comma Separated Value format is a file extension that stores the data in a tabular format (text and numbers) in plain text. It is commonly used by spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel. CSV file format is universally accepted and can be open with Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, IOS, Android etc. with supported applications. CSV file extension can be easily exported or imported into multiple applications.

Supportive Apps

Microsoft Excel

Format Type

Comma-Separated Variables

File Category

Database File Type

MIME Types used for csv file

text/comma-separated-values, text/csv, application/csv, application/excel, application/vnd.ms-excel, application/vnd.msexcel, text/anytext

Program ID


How to open or view CSV File Extension

A .csv file can be opened easily with the help of these applications –
Microsoft Excel
Kingsoft Office
OpenOffice.org Calc
File Viewer Plus

Favored conversion from CSV

Favored conversion to CSV