What is a ACCDB File Extension?


The ACCDB is a database file of Microsoft Access 2007 and 2010. Its extension form is .accdb. Users cannot access .accdb directly on the Microsoft Access 2007 below versions. The file extension is widely used because of its advanced features like data macros, multivalued fields, attachment embedding and many more. It is a database management system which is a part of the MS Office suite. Kindly note that you can access and create ACCDB on only Microsoft Access 2007 and 2010.


The file extension comes under database files.

Apps Supported

  • MS Access 2016
  • MS Visual Studio 2013


The file extension is developed and maintained by the tech giant Microsoft Corporation.


App/Microsoft Access

Signature of ACCDB

 Hex: 00 01 00 00 53 74 61 6E 64 61 72 64 20 41 43 45 20 44 42

ASCII: Standard ACE DB

How to view ACCDB Files

Users can view ACCDB files. For this they need-

  • The aforementioned application Access 2016 and Visual Studio 2013
  • Use the viewer tool that supports ACCDB