What is RAR File Extension?


Roshal Archive is best known as RAR which is made in the RAR or WinRAR compression app. The format supports recovery. data compression and spanning of files. It was first introduced in 1933, It is a native format of WinRAR archiver. Like other archives, RAR files hold data. It is capable of holding more than file and compress them to transfer easily.


It is in the category of compressed or aggregate files.

Supportive Apps

7-RAR free version, Winrar paid version and many other tools supported RAR file format.


The actual development of the extension is in 1972 by Eugene Roshal. It is not an open source. It is a proprietary format which decompression source code is available.

MIME Types


How to open or view RAR File Extension

There are several paid and free apps that support RAR. The extension can be opened after a few manual attempts using any third app.