What is NBK File Extension?


NBK is a SMART Notebook File Extension used by SMART Notebook app. The app helps to store classroom stores and diagrams. It helps to store digital lessons and gives an option to share the file to multiple users at a time.


It is counted under binary data files category and letting you to efficiently store all the info in a note.

Supportive Apps

More than one app is supported by NBK.

SMART Technologies Notebook

SMART Notebook SE


SMART Technologies is responsible for NBK performance.

MIME Types



The location of NBK files is depended on the version of the Operating System. An NBK file stores in SMART Notebook folders.

How to view the NBK File Extension

How to view an NBK File

Users can able to view NBK files using these programs-

  • SMART Notebook SE
  • SMART Technologies Notebook
  • Word-pad (if the file is in text format)