What is IIF File Extension?


The Intuit Interchange Format is best known as IIF. It is a proprietary text file which is operated by Intuit's Quickbook app to import and export transactions and lists.


The file extension falls in the category of Document File.

Supportive Apps

It is supported by one and only Intuit Quickbooks.


The file extension has been developed by Intuit.


application/qbookspro, application/qbooks, text/iif


If users have not saved IIF files, they will store in their default location.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks 2017

For different versions of Quickbooks, it is saved holding its version like Quickbooks 2016.

How to access IIF File Extension

IIF files can be viewed manually on any version of Quickbooks.
Any free or paid third app can also help you to access IIF files.