What is FLV File Extension?


You may know about Flash Video file format which stands for FLV in short. It is a type of container file format which is used for the Adobe Flash Player. The file format is quite popular because Youtube, Google Video and many other video sites like to use the file format as a standard video format. The file extension retains properties of videos. It has a header section and the provisions to store video, audio and metadata packets. The header section is divided into four types- header size, flags, version, and signature.


It is counted under video file category.

Apps Supported

For Windows and MAC users, it supports Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Flash Professional, and VideoLAN VLC Media Player.


It is ADOBE System that takes care of the development and maintenance of the file extension.


Video/X Flv


The signature is simple and easy to remember- 46 4C 56.

How to open the FLV File Extension

An FLV file is flexible to open.
For Windows and Mac users, access FLV files on-

  • Adobe Flash Player and Professional
  • Video LAN VLC Media Player

Those who are trying to access the file extension on Android can open it on VLC Media Player and other apps.