What is EMLX File Extension?


The file extension is originated by Apple Mail Mac OS X. It saves data in the plain text file which can be accessed in Text Editor. The data file is located in Apple Mail Directory. A single EMLX file retains single message. It is found in a different folder which is primarily depended on the type of account like POP or IMAP.


It belongs to plain text.

Supportive Apps

  • Text editor
  • Mac Mail or Apple Mail



File Format

It is a plain text file.


The location of EMLX is depended on the type of email account using by users.

For Message Folder

For IMAP Account

For POP Account

How to access EMLX File Extension

Users can view EMLX files after installation of Apple Mail or Mac Mail.
In the Text Editor, they can see the codes of EML file extension.
There is one more smart alternative which is the third app.

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