What is DOCX or .docx?


The DOCX file format is supported by MS Office Word 2007 and the later versions for Windows. It also supports 2008 and the later versions of Mac OS X. It is an upgraded version of DOC with more interesting and user-friendly features. It gives the flexibility to create a customized file by storing not only text but also images, styles, drawn objects, and formatting. These files are generated with Open XML formatting that holds document files in compressed format. The XML file format allows you to access DOCX in former versions of Word, both for Windows and MAC OS.


It is continuously using under Word Documents, so it is categorized in the document file category.

Apps Support DOCX

By default, the DOCX is supported by MS Office Word. There are plenty of other file formats too that support the file format.

  • MS Word 2013 for Windows
  • MS Word 2016 for Mac
  • Apache OpenOffice supporting Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • WordPad
  • LibreOffice (Windows/Mac/Linux)


Microsoft Corporation is the owner and developer of DOCX file format.

File Signature

'50 4B 03 04' is the hexadecimal file signature.



Store Location of DOCX

The store location of the DOCX files decided by users. It can be any suitable folder or sub-folder.

How to access DOCX File

The DOCX files can be regulated and opened in multiple apps other than MS Office Word.

  • MS Word 2013/2016
  • LibreOffice
  • Apache OpenOffice
  • WordPad