What is a Disk Image File?


Disk Image is a special file to store entire content of a disk or a volume. Any type of disks is scanned and stored under Disk Image including hard disk, tape drive, flash drive, USB and Optical media like CD, Blue-Ray Disk and DVD.

Common Usages of Disk Image

Disk Image was introduced at the time of Floppy disks. It was used to create a duplicate database of disks.

A Disk Image is considered a photocopy of an entire disk. It is often used to create a duplicate file of CD and DVD in .ISO file format.

When a program is installed through a browser, MacOS distributes the app in Apple Disk Image.

Windows also distributes a program in .ISO extension.

A virtual machine monitor stores their virtual machines in hard disk.

App Category

It is categorized into Disk Image Files.

Common File Formats

.DMG – Apple disk image file

.RAW – RAW disk image

.MDF – Alcohol 120% disc image

.ISO - Binary image of CD/DVD

.NRG – Nero or Nero Burning ROM image file

.BIN – Binary disk image

How to access Disk Image

It can be accessed in various programs depending on the file format they are using. You can also view Disk image using a third party app. Trust on paid tools.