What is BKF File Extension?


It is a Windows NT Backup Archive file which is created in Windows Backup. The prime aim of the file extension is to create and store the same copy of those files stored in Windows NT.

It is associated with Windows Backup Utility or MS Backup Utility which was related to Windows NT supporting Windows XP version which stored ZIP drive or Tape Drive.

BKF is not in trend since VHD has been introduced. Windows 7, Windows 8 and MS Windows Vista have updated versions of the Windows Backup that stores data in VHD file format.


It falls in the category of Archive Files.

Supported Apps

Windows NT Backup




It is MS Corporation takes care of BKF development.

File Signature

Hexadecimal: 54 41 50 45 00 00

Location of the File

The file format has no default location, it can be saved anywhere on the hard disk.

How to View the BKF File Extension

To view BKF files, one can use a freeware app or Windows NT Backup